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My Transgender Monologue

You don't get it. You will never know what it's like to be watched every time you walk into the bathroom you are forced to use. You don't know what it's like for pictures to be taken without your knowledge just to be posted all over the internet. Do you know what it's like to wonder? Wonder if maybe you changed your body in some way or dressed like everyone else, looked like everyone else, maybe they would finally see you as you? Have you stared at your ceiling, crying, because someone looked at you strangely and you knew exactly what they were thinking? Are you familiar with what it feels like to know that everyone hates the color of your hair and your clothes? They laugh at the way you talk and the way you present your identity. You don't know how it feels to not be able to play sports because you aren't allowed to play on the team you belong on or use the locker rooms you feel comfortable using. Everything you do is watched, studied and criticized. You just don't get it. You never will unless you're like me.

- Will

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